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Moving and handling masterclass


Moving with dignity - single handed care masterclasses with Deborah Harrison

These masterclasses have been specially designed to provide you with global best practice manual handling techniques, many of which have not been seen in New Zealand before.

Facilitated by global Manual Handling Advisor, Educator and Trainer, Deborah Harrison, participants will come away understanding how to implement single-handed practices with dignity and respect while reducing the risk of injury.

This masterclass is truly hands-on, and will allow you to explore what will work in your organisation and create strategies for managing the transition to a single-handed care approach. 

What skills will you learn?

You'll learn how to:

  • Implement single-handed care practices with dignity and respect
  • Create competency and risk assessment tools, that you and your teams can put into action
  • Handle complex situations and individuals with combative behaviour, including global best practices for bariatric and dementia care

Who should attend?

This masterclass is designed for Occupational Therapists, Clinical Managers and health professionals who provide manual handling education and advice.

Dates, times and location

Our masterclasses will be held on Wednesday the 8th of May, on Thursday the 9th of May and on Friday the 10th of May, so you can choose the day which best works for you. Classes start at 9am and run through to 5-5.30pm. All classes will be held at the Cordis Hotel by Langham in Auckland. 

Each workshop is limited to 20 participants.


8:30am You’ll start arriving at the Cordis Hotel and get set for an action-packed day
9:00am Brief overview of what single handed care is; the evidence behind what we say and will explore possible barriers
9:30am Using a unique evaluation tool and specific patient profiles, we will look at standing and transferring using equipment with one person
10:30am Morning break
10:45am We’ll continue to look at more patient profiles and practice standing and transferring techniques with one person
11:45am We’ll explore how we can use in bed sheets (push and pull and securing techniques)
12:30pm Lunch
1:00pm We’ll explore several techniques to carry out the following:
  1. Slide up the bed
  2. Turn away
  3. Turn towards
2:15pm Afternoon break
2:30pm We’ll continue to practice the above techniques
3:30pm Sling application and hoisting
5:30pm Event wrap up and final thoughts

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Single handed care masterclasses

  • Moving and handling masterclass: Wednesday 8 May

    Single handed care masterclass with Deborah Harrison


    Allocation Exhausted
  • Moving and handling masterclass: Thursday 9 May

    Single handed care masterclass with Deborah Harrison


    Allocation Exhausted
  • Moving and handling masterclass: Friday 10 May

    Single handed care masterclass with Deborah Harrison


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